A women-only, online athletic-training club.


Perseverance must finish its work

so that we may be complete.


You want the freedom to live & enjoy life.

You're willing to train hard to see results. 

You want effective and efficient workouts that don't keep you married to a gym, a nutrition plan that doesn't leave you starving. 

You want to feel celebrated, constantly motivated, consistently inspired.

 You're ready to become the woman you know you're capable of. 


Amber is truly as real and inspirational as she looks. Training my mind and body like an athlete. I’m pushing past my limits and getting better and stronger with each workout. My body is stronger and faster but my mind is more at peace. I am no longer a slave to my negative thoughts. I am proud to be an Ateam athlete!
— ATEAM Athlete, Candice
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