I grew up in the Congo, Africa as a missionary kid and early on I realized I was born for sports. Eventually, I became a record holding Steeple Chaser, an All-American Track and Field Athlete and finally went on to fulfilling my dream of playing Women's Tackle Football. I have also blessed with a huge presence in the fitness industry as an international fitness cover model. As both an athlete and a model, I can say that there is something about surprising even yourself with what you can DO that far exceeds the satisfaction of how you look. I am finally able to teach women all over the world my methods to efficient and effective training without being married to the gym. Out of all the things I've accomplished throughout my career, by far the most fulfilling has been watching my team become confident in their abilities as athletes. As women, our entire key to transformation lies within the way we think about ourselves so my programs address not only how to physically train for results but mentally prepare to keep them. 

"Perseverance must finish it's work so that we may be complete." James 1:4