built for her bus blog

I have this uncanny and sometimes obnoxious ability to draw correlations between two unrelated things (Andrew loves this most when I do it during arguments to try and prove a point).

Andrew is an adventurer and lover of metal music, Me? I'm a settings person who loves jazz. He loves the unknown, I love the predictable. His dream was this bus, the open road, pit stops with friends, sharing the experience with everyone willing to come. My dream? A balance of purpose and rest, places for my coordinated toiletries, maybe a house in the woods somewhere with old dogs, great smelling candles and a dinner table with friends and great wine.

I'll admit, the idea of traveling the country in this trendy city bus was cute at first. When we wrote the check to buy it, I was even filled with this sort of ease in spirit. That was, until the night we paid for it, the thing wouldn’t turn off...thus giving it the well deserved name “Frankenstein”. We sat in a McDonald’s parking lot for hours, finally a mechanic came, got it turned off, and there we sat in silence just sort of looking at each other like "here goes nothing".  

I've realized in marriage dreams can exist simultaneously, but sometimes they take turns coming to the surface. I’ve also learned that the definition of adventure is “an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity”. Typically hazardous? Should have done my research.  

But back to me drawing correlations between everything, ever.  

This bus thing started as a “what if” idea,  laughable almost. The more it was talked about it in this hypothetical sense, the more we thought about how we could brand around it for business, mix things up, you know, be all “wanderlusty” and every other cliche word you can think of. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I had visions of these epic instagram photos filling my feed.

Here's the real story about jumping into a change- it almost never goes the way you anticipated. The night you buy the bus it won't turn off. The day you're supposed to leave, you can’t, and then when you finally do- you realize you have a suspended license for a late ticket in Miami. Adultingggggg.

Amidst delay, discouragement and doubt- but here's what this trip has taught me so far: 

During the stress of starting, is an opportunity to release expectations. Nobody said we HAD to leave on a certain day at a certain time - in fact- the delay brought one of my favorite nights spent with a close friend. Releasing my idea of what I wanted to happen allowed room for what needed to.

Our first overnight in Frankenstein, was the worst. Again, wouldn’t shut off. The following morning after no sleep, it was towed to yet another mechanic shop. I had a brand new program launch happening that day and everything inside of me at that point just wanted to go home. But again, great friends were close by and our time with them just seems like it was supposed to happen. All just confirming the one thing - DIVINE APPOINTMENTS. So maybe I’ll get some cool pictures for social media, maybe I won’t. The trip may or may not go according to plan- but one thing can be certain, that if we are open to it, PEOPLE are always the best outcome.

I’m not super confident about living life on 4-wheels but I know that every unexpected event provides an unexpected gift, sometimes you just have to change your perspective to find it.

I hope you continue on this journey with us, me drawing weird hypothetical lines between bus-life, and life-lessons and Andrew playing heavy metal along the way.